The Questions We’ve Been Asking

  • How are you being equipped to lead well?
  • What struggles do you face as a Christian woman leading?
  • Who are your leadership mentors?
  • Where do you find your community?

These are the questions we have been asking other women for years!

As women answer, we continue to hear that Christian women in ministry and the marketplace have been leading most of their adult lives without community and leadership mentors who understand them.

We began to ask ourselves, How much more effective could these leaders be if they were in community with other Christian women who were intentional about growing in their personal character and professional leadership competencies together?

So, we decided to create an online community for women like you – like us – Christian women leading – who want to grow in leadership together.

Together, we will celebrate women leading well. We will equip one another with content, tools and thought-provoking questions to help evaluate our own leadership and take steps toward growth. We will encourage one another to continue our leadership journey together.

So, reach out and connect! We want to get to know you and hear your leadership stories! We want to lift one another up and build this leadership community together.

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